Announcing Threadless + Paige Firnberg Design!

**Bad Lorelai Drumroll**

We've got clothing, baybeeee! Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I wish I could wear that instead of hang it on my wall...' Well, now you can! I'm so excited to announce my partnership with Threadless! I've got eight designs in my shop with different styles for men, women and children and 80-something different color combos. Now, I'm not great at math, but that's a lot of different combinations. Someone math that for me.

Let me introduce you to some of my new favorites...

Clueless has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. OF ALL TIME. So, when sketching this latest round of designs I had to include this classic Cher-ism.

Perfect for: Going to the mall, Val parties or a MAKEOVER!

If you've ever read #GIRLBOSS, you need this shirt. I devoured it and already want to read it again. If you are a human woman and have not read Sophia Amoruso's gem of a book, get thee to STAT.

Perfect for: Getting sh*t done, hair flipping or voting for Her.

So I have this thing with my best friend where every time we hear Jimi Hendrix's Foxy Lady we have to do Garth's dance. Obviously my next step was a t-shirt.

Perfect for: Dancing in basements, want to work it or if you are an actual fox.

If you're like me, you're obsessed with the TV show Gilmore girls. (Yeah, get ready for the rest of these.) If you want to continue your delusions of feeling like you actually know these characters this shirt is for you.

Perfect for: Bid-a-basket festivals, trips to Connecticut or going to Yale. 

Along the same lines, I've got a hankering to go to Luke's diner. Who's with me? I'll take a coffee coffee coffee and a Santa burger, please and thank you.

Perfect for: Sporting at Kirk's, Atlantic City or subbing for a post-it note on Rory's head.

Another one of my obsessions is the musical, Hamilton. If you are a human with ears, this album is for you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how Daveed can rap that fast. I've had this design for a little while now, but I thought it would be hilarious for a baby to wear. So parents, please do me a solid and photograph your child wearing this and send it to me. KTHX.

Perfect for: Pooping in, spitting up on or rubbing puree'd carrots on.

Who doesn't want to be BFFs with Miss Patty? I know I do... Pick up this sweatshirt and a cute Captain's hat and you'll be the coolest person I know hands down.

Perfect for: Teaching dance, going to Doosey's Market or Fleet Week.

Want to let everyone know you're as cool as Lorelai and a large number of guests at a wedding? This is all you, kid.

Perfect for: Tequila shots, limbo-ing with an old mans cane or ANTM auditions.


I hope you all enjoy these designs! They are all available for purchase HERE. I've already ordered some. You should do the same. ;)

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!

Intro to Brush Lettering Workshops | May 21, 2016

It's gonna be hard to put into words how amazing this past weekend was, but I'll try.

So if you don't know, I taught two Intro to Brush Lettering Workshops last weekend in Birmingham. It all started out as an impulse Facebook message to the lovely Brittany Sturdivant at Love Be Photography and Studio Bham to see if she and her mom would be interested in hosting me for a workshop.

Six weeks later I was in Birmingham teaching. During those 6 weeks I planned a syllabus, made signs, made my alphabet, made my worksheets, lettered placemats, lettered clipboards, lettered bags, went to my print shop about five times (same for Target) and bought 3 dozen doughnuts. Even though it seems like 6 weeks is a long's not. I don't think I took my mind off of things I could do or make for this workshop. BUT, it all paid off.

I got to Birmingham to set up at Studio Bham the Friday before and Sherri and I moved all the tables and chairs together in the space. I set out the place settings, set up an easel with my chalkboard I was teaching on, put out handouts and supplies and hung the goodie bags on the chairs.

Saturday morning, Margaret and I headed over to Krispy Kreme and got some beautiful doughnuts to set up on the cake stands. Don't worry. There was fruit, too.

Then...I workshopped! I had fourteen amazing students. They were all so energetic and ready to learn. We talked about the supplies and pen care, warmed up and went through my alphabet. After they learned the alphabet, they got to letter a short quote.

Just in the past week I've been able to see a few students' progress on Snapchat and Instagram! I am already so incredibly proud. To my students (and anyone pursuing a better lettering education) keep tagging me in your creations! I cannot wait to see how all of you progress. :)

If you weren't able to make it to my workshop, never fear! I'm already looking into venues here in Savannah. Keep an eye out for more details on that but until then, I've got my handouts in my Etsy Shop! It's a digital download so you can print it and practice from it as many times as you need to create your own beautiful lettering projects.

Thank you so so so much for reading and following along with my lettering journey. I love you all, but I've got some special shoutouts:

  1. Sherri Arias and Brittany Sturdivant at Studio Bham for having me at their beautiful space!
  2. Margaret Johnson for being my Right Hand Man and Photographer extraordinaire.
  3. Sam Collura for putting up with me and my freak outs and my huge messes. You are my favorite and I would not have gotten through this without you.

Okay, enough with the sappiness, enjoy the millions of photos!!

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

Photo by Margaret Johnson

San Francisco Wedding Place Cards & Table Name Cards

I'm going back in the time machine for a sec because I wanted to make sure I shared this project with y'all. It was such a fun one! My Insta-friend Blair emailed me about doing some watercolor table name cards and place cards for a wedding early last month. The venue was the de Young gallery in San Francisco (um, how cool??), so the happy couple decided to name each table after a famous museum. Their linens for each table were ivory and an awesome eggplant, so I thought it would be really nice to incorporate some purples into each card. Blair liked the watercolor style I did my daylight savings IG post in, so I went to work cutting out the 5x7 watercolor paper! I ended up doing two per table, one to have with the list of names and one for the actual tables.


Blair also wanted some simple, modern, gold, hand lettered place cards for each table seating. I went with a small, sans serif print for the first names and a more modern calligraphy style for the last name. Equal parts mod and funky.

I loved this project because I knew as soon as I spoke to Blair exactly what I wanted the final products to look like. It's always so awesome when I'm immediately on the same page and have some creative freedom to just to me. :) I can't wait to get some pics from the photographer to see how everything looked all together. I'll make sure to share them when I do!

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!

SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival Chalk Lettering

A couple weekends ago now, I was asked to do a chalk lettering design during SCAD's Sidewalk Arts Festival. My lettering would help promote President Paula Wallace's new memoir, The Bee and the Acorn, and was doing a signing that day. I had prepared to do one of the squares, like the competing artists, but I ended up with 30! I decided to put the title of the book and President Wallace's name on one side and the details of the signing on the other. I had a ball! I was also very sore for the next few days after, haha. Sad, I know. :) But, it was basically 3 hours of squats! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Photo courtesy of SCAD Communications Department

Photo courtesy of SCAD Communications Department

Here are some photos I snagged of the Undergrads at work on their squares! And this was only about an hour or so into the competition. Stunning!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!

Hand Lettered Baby Signs

A couple of weeks ago I had a request from a friend who was towards the end of her pregnancy with her first baby boy! She wanted some custom-lettered-circular-mini-signs-for-each-month (for lack of a better description...) to take pictures with during the course of her son's first year. I had seen these sorts of things all over Facebook and Etsy and I was so excited I finally had an excuse to make some!

Andrea mentioned she wanted some circles about 6" in diameter in a light grey/white color. I had seen some during one of my (too many) trips to Blick so I headed there first!

Once I had the paper circles, I went to work on the lettering. Andrea said she was leaning more towards blues, teals, aquas, and greens. My huge collection of Tombow Dual Brush Pens had more than enough of those colors to choose from. I went with 7 different greens and blues - with light and dark values so I could mix them together.

To blend the pens together, you can use this Blending Palette or any other slick surface (wax paper, aw heck - even a plastic bag). You simply take a color and rub it on the surface of the palette to lay the pigment down, then take a different color and rub it onto the previous pen color. You get a really nice, subtle ombre that I love so much right now. 

After I lettered everything with the brush pens, I went back on top with a white gel pen and decorated the letters. I love this technique because it looks like the letters are shining! It's a really great, subtle detail that doesn't go too overboard.

Here's little Remy! Ugh! Too adorable for words. Look at his tongue! :) He was officially one month old last Saturday. I had a ball working with Andrea on this project and I can't wait to see how much he grows and changes in the next year!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful.

SCAD Menu Lettering

Last week my alma mater, SCAD, hosted their annual #SCADstyle events. Here in Savannah the school hosted talks with industry professionals for students to learn more open up the conversation on how to succeed in their growing field of study. This is one of my favorite things about SCAD. As as student you are exposed to so many diverse and influential learning opportunities. Opportunities you wouldn't be able to receive anywhere else. Even if it isn't in your field of study, I always think SCAD hosts some of the best events for their students. Whether it's watching behind the scenes FX work on Jurassic World from a SCAD alumni, seeing Stefan Sagmeister present his newest book (then having him sign my copy, ah!) or attending the Film Festival. Each event makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas. It's because SCAD goes BIG. The attention to detail shines in each and every aspect of the event, talk or movie screening.

This is why I LOVE working with the fabulous ladies over at SCAD events. They pull together the most mindblowingly beautiful events and make it look so effortless. I normally only see the finished product, but this was my second time doing menu calligraphy for them and all I have to say is 'Bless!' I would not be able to do what they do. Last minute changes alone are stress city. Huge props to them for flawlessly creating such wonderful experiences for SCAD's students, faculty and guests.

Check out the photos below from their latest Presidential dinner hosting Mr. Calvin Klein himself.

The gold silverware! The textured black plates! The glassware, oh my! (Insert heart eyes emoji here)

I took an accidental selfie in the mirror, haha. 

I took an accidental selfie in the mirror, haha. 

The dinner was located at the Pei Ling Chan Gallery in downtown Savannah, which used to be a bank. It was such a beautiful space. Those tall windows on the left lined the entire wall. Marv Graff, a SCAD grad who got his MFA in Fibers, was being honored as well! His work was displayed along all the walls and decorated the table.

It was a delight to work with SCAD events again and I hope you enjoyed what the final product looked like with the rest of the venue! I loved seeing all the details come together. I'll be working with these ladies again tomorrow morning at the Sidewalk Arts Festival in Forsyth Park if you're in the area! I'll keep you posted on what we come up with!

As always, thanks for reading & stay beautiful.

Campesi First Anniversary Hand Lettered Paper Gift

Remember that post from a couple weeks ago where I took some pictures of this beautiful couple for their first anniversary? Well, I wasn't done with them quite yet...

Maggie actually came to me a month or so ago and told me that she wanted the lyrics to their First Dance song (When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole) lettered on a photo of her and Mario for his Paper Anniversary present. Adorable, right?

After I edited the photos, Maggie and I agreed that this photo of the two of them worked best since there was space around them for lettering. Maggie wanted an 11x14" print, so I resized the photo and printed it out. Then I took some tracing paper and marked off where they were and the borders of the photo. After that, I took a pencil and sketched out the lyrics! Once I had that placement down, I used my trusty Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Nib Brush Pen and inked everything in.

Once everything was inked in, I popped it on the photo and removed the background so you could read the lyrics. Then I got it printed and Mags gave it to Mario on Monday! Happy Anniversary, you two! I hope y'all had a wonderful time celebrating. :)

This was my third Paper Anniversary gift I've made & its becoming one of my favorite projects. If you have any first year of marriage gift needs, you know where to go!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful.

Around the Clock Shower Invitation Design and Hand Lettered Envelopes

Hello & Happy Friday everyone! I thought I'd go back and show y'all the process of how I designed and lettered some bridal shower invitations you guys have probably seen on my Instagram. *time machine noise*

One of my good friends, Caroline, is getting married this summer and one of my fellow bridesmaids asked if I could help her with designing invitations for a bridal shower. Of course I said YES! Callie filled me in on the details and that the theme of the shower was 'around the clock'. Meaning, each person invited is assigned a time of day and their gift should match accordingly. For example, if you are assigned 8 o'clock you could bring a waffle maker for 8am or martini glasses for 8pm. I love this idea and I was so excited to get started!

Callie, my fellow bridesmaid, was such a joy to work with. She let me take the reigns and had complete faith in me. Always a good sign of a fun client. :)

I got to work thinking of what I knew about Caroline and her personality and paired it with the time of year: Spring! Now, Caroline's style is very low maintenance, muted and classic. No frills. Normally for her I would go with dark blacks and grays (like her Save the Dates and Invitations!) but since this was a springtime shower I went with a springtime color palette that complimented who Caroline is as a person. I know I wanted to use nature, but not succulents were automatically on my list. Succulents have a lovely muted mint green tone to them I sprung off of that. I actually learned that succulents can be a variety of different colors and that's when the dulled pinks and blues came into the mix.

As far as typefaces go, I knew it needed to be chic & simple. I ended up using Linotype Didot Headline, a classic thick-and-thin serif, with Gotham Book, a simple (but lovely) sans serif. 

Some of the examples Callie gave me had an actual clock face on the invitation to tell the guests what their time was. (I just had a moment in my head where the invitation would be snapping it's non-existent fingers at the guest 'telling them what time it was'.) Aaaanyways, I thought that was a really great idea to incorporate into the design. I got a really great watercolor succulent wreath package that I thought would make the perfect clock. I put the face inside and left off the hands which I would add in later once they were printed.

After I added the details, I sent a screenshot of what I had come up with so far to Callie. After a few minor changes, we had a final to print from! I found a beautiful blue A9 Paper Source envelope that would go perfectly with the colors in the succulents.

With the final design in hand,l I was off to my local print shop, Creative Approach. I probably go there every other day, y'all. They know me well over there, salud to those wonderful printers! Then I took one of my Tombow Dual Brush Pens that closest matched the light blue color and added the hands of the clock.

When the envelopes I ordered came in the mail I quickly began lettering the addresses. I chose a thin, whimsy script (that I just came up with on the top of my head) in a white gel pen. Little did I know that this envelope lettering style would actually be in my Etsy Shop! This style's name is Camellia and it might be my favorite...shhh don't tell the others. I love how they turned out and how they pair so nicely with the invite. I can't wait for the shower in May!

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you all enjoyed looking in to my process & have a wonderful day!

Campesi First Anniversary Photos

When I was five, my mom brought me to an art class because she had already begun to notice that I was super artsy. We got out of the car and this blonde girl who looked close to my age asked 'Want to see my room?' Who knew over 20 years later I'd be taking her and her husband's first year anniversary portraits? Yeah, me either.

I'll keep this post short on the chit-chat since pictures are worth a thousand words, right? We had some great weather on our side! Just went around my parent's back/front yard and played around. Of course, I couldn't help but do some lettering over photos (and a sign!).

Sorry, Mags. I had to put in some funny ones...

This one's a framer.

This one's a framer.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of this beautiful, hilarious & very real couple I am so thankful to call friends.

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!

Custom Watercolor Quotes

Earlier this month one of my lovely SCAD friends, Regan, texted me about how she wanted to commission two different watercolor paintings from me. Since I've been getting into watercolor lettering lately I jumped at the chance to do some for a friend!

Regan knew that right off the bat she wanted an 8x10" painting of a particular Eleanor Roosevelt quote to go on her desk at work.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you’ll be criticized anyway

After I cut the watercolor paper, I sketched out the quote with my Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil (in B, because I like a nice bold line).

I chose to paint this ER quote in some nice soothing blues and greens. Partly because I love these colors together and partly because I like zen colors for an office. Especially with a quote that needs to support you when you're stressed. *high five emoji* Also, it turns out that these are Regan's favorite colors! So, that doesn't hurt.

After it dried, I took my handy dandy Tombow Mono NP Eraser to get rid of all the pencil marks from my sketch. 'NP' stands for 'Non-PVC' but I think it also stands for 'no problem' because this eraser is my FAVORITE. It's because it somehow only sheds a minimal amount of eraser bits on your paper. They're really big and that makes them really easy to clean up after. So, I'm not sure how they're made, but I assume some sort of magic is involved.

Sing it with me *cLoSeUp ShOt*!

Here's the final product!

The next one is a biggie. Literally. The watercolor paper I have is 18x24" and Regan found a frame from Target that size so that nailed down the largeness of it. :) Once again, I grabbed my trusty Tombo Mono Drawing Pencil (in B) and sketched out "be you, bravely".

I'm doing the inverse of what I normally do here, which is painting the background instead of the letters. That meant painting #allthelayers. Here's what it looked like in the early stages.

For this painting I used a couple different things:

  1. Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil in B (for sketching)
  2. Tombow Mono NP Eraser (for erasing the sketch)
  3. Water Brush (for tight corners)
  4. Badger Hair Water Color Brush (for maximum coverage)
  5. Tombow Mono Sand Eraser (seen later...)

The layers and blending of different colors and how they DRY is by far my favorite thing about watercolor. The water marks, where it is darker at the edge, and the splatters were so much fun.

Watercolor may be fun, but it's also pesky. So, to get those lines super straight and precise, I used this Tombow Mono Sand Eraser. Y'all. this thing is a lifesaver. It it usually used for removing ink (yeah, INK!) but I found that it worked just as well removing unwanted watercolor marks. Since It's sand, it's basically just removing a layer of the paper, exposing the nice, new, lovely white. I'm obsessed. After erasing, I went back with the water brush and cleaned up the edges.

This is the final! I had so much fun with these two pieces & I can't wait to see how they look in Regan's home and work spaces!

As always, if you like anything you see feel free to contact me to get started on your project today!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful.

'Oh the Places You'll Go' Custom Hand Lettered Art Print

One of my friends, Christina, texted me a couple months ago with an idea for an art print for her second little boy's nursery. (Coming to the world at the end of June!) She wanted a world map with the lettered Dr. Seuss quote, 'Oh the places you'll go!'. She also wanted to make it as big as possible, which meant printing large format. As you see below, it's awesomely huge! In fact, it's a full 36x24 inches of awesomeness.

Then, Christina sent over her nursery inspiration with colors and I went to lettering!

After I digitized the lettering, we went through a couple different color options. One with an orange map and one with a green map. I was trying to work with all three colors on one print, but it was just way too much. I made the background paper white, just to simplify.

After this, I lettered 'Dr. Seuss' to fit the feel of the rest of the print. Then Christina decided on the green map, seeing as Christina found the perfect orange frame!

I'm obsessed! I think the print goes perfectly over the crib.

I love doing custom projects like this, so if you have a need for a fun print, always feel free to contact me to get started on yours today!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful

New Etsy Hand Lettered Envelopes!

Exciting news, everyone! I finally buckled down and designed my first collection of styles for envelope lettering. Tulip, Camellia, Rose & Daisy are all available for purchase (by the envelope) in my Etsy shop. Check them out below!


Tulip is taken from the style I used on a close friend of mine's Save the Dates! This style is on an A2 envelope and done using a white gel pen. I love the white on the dark grey!

For purchase,  here .

For purchase, here.


Camellia is taken from the styled I used for an Engagement Shower I just lettered envelopes for. I love the loose lines for the names in the white gel pen (yet again...). Whimsy yet modern. This is on a larger A9 envelope because I'm loving that negative space lately. It also gives me the ability too make the name really BIG.

For purchase,  here .

For purchase, here.


Rose is lettered with a felt tip copper/rose pen at a slant across the whole A2 envelope! I used cursive for the name as well as the city/state. I think it all ties together well. And of course I had to style with my copper cup for Moscow Mules.

For purchase,  here .

For purchase, here.


Daisy it lettered with my new favorite pen, the Tombow Fudenosuke hard nib pen. It's an all lowercase modern calligraphy style demonstrated on an A6 envelope. I like the loose quality to it, without base lines, and kind of flowing like sheet music. Notes just bouncing all over the page, Mozart style. Shoulda named it Amadeus. ;)

For purchase,  here .

For purchase, here.

You've been Gilmore'd

You've been Gilmore'd

That's all, folks! For now... Let me know which one is your favorite and what you'd like to see next. All are in my Etsy shop as of today! Peruse and enjoy!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful.

Couch + Mills Save the Date Design & Hand Lettered Envelopes

One of my best friends, sorority sisters and roommates from Birmingham-Southern is getting married in June! Once I got the call from Caroline that she  and Mark were engaged we immediately stated talking about how I was going to design her Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations. It was just a done deal. Lucky for me I already knew what Caroline's aesthetic was. Laid back, modern yet classic, simple and nothing too flashy or colorful.

Caroline and Mark are getting married near Jackson Hole in Victor, Idaho at a beautiful resort and spa. She actually sent over a photo of the mountain view from where there ceremony will take place! Once I digitally illustrated the mountains, I added in their information using a clean serif. I used grays and a green per her request, keeping it modest and simple. Here are two mountain options, one with multiple grays to differentiate the mountains and another with one solid light gray.

We ended up deciding on the one color to keep it as minimal as possible. Caroline also wanted to move the website to a details card to include with the Save the Date to direct people toward more information about their destination wedding. Caroline used Crink Press, a letterpress studio in Birmingham, to digitally print the final product.

Next, the envelopes! Caroline sent me these beautiful dark grey A2 ones that go perfectly with a white ink. After she sent me the guest list, I went to town! Caroline is so lovely and trusting that she just let me do my thing! I wanted to keep with the theme of the Save the Date designs and make the names more prominent with a simple, handwritten address.

*address has been edited*

*address has been edited*

Here they all are, finished! About 115 total.

Now I just finished sending Caroline the final designs for her Wedding Invitations and I can't wait to show you guys! They are going to be printed on a letterpress and I know they are gonna be ultra classy. Which calls for...CALLIGRAPHY on the envelopes! I am beyond excited. :) Make sure to stay tuned!

As always, if you have any inquiries on pricing for your wedding feel free to give me a shout.

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!

Birthday Project | Hand Lettered Gift Wrap & Origami Bows with Tombow

Hello, everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to make a couple of different things. Hand lettered, custom gift wrap and origami bows. I think this project can be used for any sort of gift giving occasion, whether it be anniversaries, Christmas, weddings, mother's day...anything! But today I am focusing on the theme of birthdays! Everyone has one and I think this would be something very personal and special to make for someone's birthday.

Here are the things you will need!

  1. A roll of white kraft paper
  2. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set, I used four from the  10 Bright Set
  3. Tape for holding down the paper & tape to wrap the present with
  4. Cutting board
  5. Scissors/Exacto Knife
  6. Pencil & Eraser
  7. Origami Paper
  8. Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive / Tombow Mono Removable Adhesive

First up, the origami bow! For this particular bow, I found a great tutorial by Paper Kawaii. Just make sure when you're making the center part of the bow not to freak out and quit. Take something small and pointy, like a pencil, and make the point easier to fold. Trust me. This will save you a lot of frustration. 

I'm going to take you to the end of the tutorial when you're gluing everything in place. Once you're bow looks something like this, you'll need to bust out the glue!

For this project, I am using the Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive. This little guys is great for controlling where you want your adhesive to go without getting it EVERYWHERE. This glue was designed for people like me. The messy people. Not only does it have great control, but it is seriously permanent. I guess that's why it's in the name. ;)

Here we have what will be the bottom two ribbons coming off the bottom of the bow. I used the adhesive along the edges and down this center seam, where we will be cutting later.

I also like to use some adhesive on the tips of the bow you stick into the center square. It'll keep it in place and ensure cuteness!

Below I have made a few different bows in different colors and sizes. As long as you start with a square piece of paper, you can make whatever size bow you want!

On to the gift wrap (my favorite) part! Tape down your paper and grab your Tombow Dual Brush Pens! I chose the purples and pinks for this specific project. I suggest starting in the center of your paper because that's the part you'll be seeing most once you wrap the present, and it makes it easier to fill in all the white space this way. 

I started with the thicker brush side. I use this side of these pens pretty much everyday. I LOVE this tip because it makes calligraphy so easy. My best tip for hand lettering is to press down very lightly on the up strokes and press down harder for your downstrokes. 

Note: This project is about putting your own personality on paper. Don't feel like everything has to be perfect. The fact that you are writing with your own hands on someone's gift wrap to give to them is going above and beyond and will be so personal and heartfelt that a few natural imperfections won't even be thought of. YOU BE YOU! :)

To get in the smaller corners, I like to use the smaller tip with a funky mix of capital and lowercase letters. Just because!

You can choose to use whatever words you like for this project, that's the beauty of it! I was using words like: birthday, friends & family, good times, streamers, balloons...anything birthday! But to make it more personal, you can customize your gift wrap with their name, inside jokes, or the theme of whatever party or celebration you're going to. I have also added some fun swirls and swashes for fun.

Note: Swirls and swashes make for good calligraphy practice!

Up next, cut up some strips of your origami paper in various thicknesses and colors. These will be your ribbons! I just cut them free-hand with scissors, but if you want to use an Exacto knife to ensure evenness, go right ahead!

Now go ahead and wrap your present!

Here, you can see a couple different examples of custom, hand lettered paper. I did one in all pink, one in all purple, and a couple with the two mixed together!

If you aren't so confident with your gluing abilities, I highly recommend using this Tombow Mono Removable Adhesive. You can easily remove whatever you're gluing so you don't have to worry about any mess ups!

I use it here for the ribbons below, since I didn't perfectly cut out my paper. Once you know where you want to place them, you can go back and use the Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive to make sure it doesn't go anywhere.

I made one too many bows, so I but the little one on the biggest! I used the Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive to stick them together and on top of the ribbon.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.31.58 PM.jpg

Lastly, I've added a little name tag and you're done!

Here are all four of my presents all together! I hope you get to try this out the next time you have to give a gift. It's makes the giving experience so much more personal and special. Please make sure to tag me (@pfirnberg) if you make this! I wanna see what you guys come up with. Also please feel free to comment and let me know if you like this project and if you would like to see more!

I also made a video tutorial about this project! Check it out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and have a great rest of your day!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful.

1 Year Blog-iversary | Globe Giveaway!

Last week, for my 1 year Blog-iversary, I celebrated by painting and lettering three globes and had a giveaway. I thought back on this past year and realized that much of what I've done is travel. Traveling is a huge passion of mine and I have been lucky enough to go on many trips this year. Mostly over short weekends and, let's face it, mostly for weddings. In 2015 alone I've gone to eight (should have been 9, darn stomach bug). And the list for 2016 weddings is beginning to grow as well! I'm especially excited about one next June in Jackson Hole. I've never been to that part of the country before, so if y'all have any tips or suggestions I'd happily take them!

Getting to the point, since I've done a lot of travelling (and so has my commissions and prints!) I thought I'd paint up some globes and letter some good adventure quotes on top of them. The way the giveaway worked was you had to follow me, then comment with a travel story and tag the friend who went with you.

I got my globes from Target and started with the first layer of paint, gold. I began with gold because you always start painting with the lighter color first! Art rule #1. I went in and painted the land on some globes, and the sea on others.

This part was tricky because, as you know, there are some very tiny islands in the world and unfortunately I had to make the decision whether or not to include them on these bitty globes. I chose efficiency over detail. I had to go back and do a second coat of gold just to make sure I covered everything up then I let them dry overnight.

From my  IG post .

From my IG post.

The following night I busted out my Utrecht black acrylic paint and painted the rest of the globes.

The next day I chose some short but sweet travel quotes and hand lettered them on the painted globes with my Faber-Castell Big Artist Pen. I had to go over the lettering a couple of times so make sure it came out solid enough, but I think they turned out well! I just wish there was a Faber-Castell Small Artist Pen...that would come in handy. I love the thickness, it makes the pen glide across the surface nicely - but these little globes were somewhat difficult to letter. I had to be very careful with my fingers as I went around! And then, of course, very awkwardly place them on their wooden stands and pray they wouldn't roll around everywhere.

"Adventure is out there" - this globe went to the winner, Kiki! Read her story here.

"To travel is to live" Now available now on my Etsy!

"Remember to explore" Now available now on my Etsy!

All three of them together! I have two more globes I need to finish, but I'll let y'all know when I put those on my Etsy. I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave a comment on more tutorial suggestions you'd like to see!

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Engagement Photography | Sarah & Brett

While I was in Birmingham I had the pleasure of shooting some engagement photos of one of my BSC Besties and her fiancé. We met up around 10am (because I love me some morning light!) at my friend's place where I was staying. While we were brainstorming about where we should go shoot, we knew we wanted to be outdoors with some awesome scenery. I suggested we go to the Botanical Gardens, which obviously has some great places to shoot. I wasn't positive if they had any regulations on photography, but we figured we would just go and start and if they told us to leave, we would go somewhere else. That whole ask for forgiveness instead of permission thing. ;)

Sarah just started teaching at a school in Mountain Brook, and since we were in the area she wanted to give us a quick tour. Then the tour turned into the photoshoot. It was PERFECT. And we didn't have to worry about being sneaky! There was a playground, a little bridge above a creek, a stage (that was falling apart...), trails, benches...everything you'd need for some engagement photos. Even an adorable dog named Lucy who wanted in on the shoot.

We started warming up, adjusting my camera for light, and I quickly realized I just needed to keep on hitting that shutter because everything they were doing was a photo op. I barely had to direct at all! They looked at each other and smiled, then Brett would kiss Sarah on the cheek, then I'd weep quietly to myself because it was just too cute. At one point, Brett put his foot up on a rock and set his elbow on his knee and rested his chin on his hand. What a pro. They were so comfortable and smiley and were cracking themselves (and me) up the whole time. I could not have asked for a better couple to take pictures of! I took almost 800 photos that were solid, but I'll just share a few of my favorites. There was also one at the end that was too perfect for some lettering at the top, so I did what I had to do. ;)

I hope y'all enjoy these as much as I did photographing them! They were a joy to take and these two are just perfect for each other. I think that really shows in the shots I got. Love you both and I can't wait for the wedding!

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