Chalkboards Part One

Because I know there's going to be more than one.

Chalking is pretty cool and is peaking a lot of peoples interest nowadays. I picked it up a few months ago because my office has an entire chalkboard painted wall that was begging to be drawn on. I had a lot of fun with it! It is completely different than pen on paper. First of all, chalk is way thicker than any  micron pen. So, having a large surface, like an entire wall, is preferable.

I recently stumbled upon these large pieces of chipboard and decided to spray paint them with chalkboard paint and chalk it up.

Sam and I have recently had a lot of visitors staying with us so for the first board I wanted to write a little welcome note. "Hey there & welcome to our humble abode. We are so happy to have you here." Learned a lot while doing this one. It's pretty hard to take back mistakes with chalk. I used some q-tips and water to go back and try to correct some things, but that only got me so far.

The second board might be my favorite. It's lyrics from Ray Lamontagne's song "You are the best thing (that ever happened to me)." I say it quite a bit. This will eventually be hung up in the bedroom!

Lastly, my 'for rent' board. I love me some drop caps, and when used in a small word I think they can be quite beautiful and look like a line design if you step back. Yes, this is a shameless plug for my services, but watch out Downtown Savannah, I'll be darkening all of your doorways soon to sell my skills.

Check them all out below!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!