Holiday Decorations

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season because I know I am! I grew up in a household of people who are allergic to everything; myself included. So getting a live Christmas tree this year was a pretty big deal. The weekend before Thanksgiving (super early, I know) Sam and I had some friends visiting and we all went to Home Depot and the rest is history!  I made sure to snag the bottom of the tree our guy cut of for us to eventually make an ornament from.

Thanks to Target, I dropped some cash and got the rest of my decorations. You can see in the photos below that our vines got some ornament love along with the tree. I also ended up doing some crafty hand lettering on some other things like recycled bottles and made a makeshift mantle with some felt holly around some paper cut lettering I did for my apartment a while back. Check out the photos below for more!

Safe travelling this holiday season! I'll be out there with all of you.

Stay beautiful & thanks for reading!