Valentines Day + Instagram Project

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great January! Tomorrow is February, which means everything will will be pink and red. Let me add to the madness. I actually made two collections!

The first is some hand lettered, ombre cards. These have some heartfelt and sarcastic sayings for that special someone in your life. I like these because they can be used for people other than a significant other. AND they can be used year round. Bonus.

The second is one just because I am obsessed with a new font. Burford. Ugh, I love it so much. It was on uber sale and comes with so many variations and extras. I couldn't help myself.

I have also decided to do a fun little Instagram Project! For two weeks (until Valentine's Day) I will hand letter a name a day. The names I letter will be up to y'all! Just follow me then tag someone you love & why on today's 'Who do you love?' IG post to enter (or any #whodoyouloveproject IG photo). This does not have to be a significant other; it can be your best friend, your grandmother, your cat (Well, maybe not your cat...). I think Valentine's day should be about celebrating all love, not just romantic love. Spread that love, y'all. As always, these are up on my Etsy.

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!