Wedding Design | Emma & Connor

Hello awesome humans! For the past couple months I have been working with a friend on designing a few things for her wedding. Wedding invitations and RSVP cards, programs & signage. The whole kit & caboodle! I couldn't make the McVey's Wedding this past weekend since I was in the ER, but from what I've seen it looked like an amazing time! Right now the happy newlyweds are touring Ireland on their honeymoon! Another reason why their green and gold theme is so fitting. :)

I started with Emma's programs. She wanted to highlight the important information in modern, no frills lettering. She made it clear the design had to be fiance approved! ;) Her color was green and we decided that she should go with a standard A7 paper size. Since she knew she wanted green envelopes, I suggested we keep it clean and just go with green text on white paper.

Once we laid out the rest of the details I drew out the lettering first in a Moleskin with my trusty Micron, then scanned and digitized in Illustrator.


I laid the text Emma had given me and then sent her screenshots of each round of designs and made changes as needed until we got the final!

I got Emma the PDFs to print herself in Atlanta. She printed them on a heavy, matte textured stock then backed them with gold paper so they looked extra fancy. That paired with the previously mentioned Lockwood Green A7 envelopes and Shimmer Gold A2 envelopes for the RSVP cards made for a lovely Invitation Suite!

A couple weeks after I finished designing the Invitations, RSVP cards and Information Cards, I got another email from Emma asking about designing the programs. Of course I obliged. :) Just like the invitations, she got me the verbiage and I laid it out and sent over screenshots until we decided on a file. We also threw in some signage for the reception. Everything looked great altogether and Emma was a dream client! She even helped me out and wrote some kind words about her experience over on my testimonials page.

Photo by Kelly R.

Photo by Kelly R.

To complete the green & gold awesomeness, Emma bought one of my customized Etsy cards to give Connor. This wedding was so personalized and special.

Lastly, and I hope Emma hasn't gotten this far, here is my present for them! Sorry if this is ruined, but I'll get it to you next time I'm in Atlanta! Love this couple and I hope they're having a fantastic time on their honeymoon!

In conclusion, I obviously had such a fun time creating everything with Emma! She was a joy to work with. As always, if you have any design needs feel free to contact me and we can get going on your project!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!