1 Year Blog-iversary | Globe Giveaway!

Last week, for my 1 year Blog-iversary, I celebrated by painting and lettering three globes and had a giveaway. I thought back on this past year and realized that much of what I've done is travel. Traveling is a huge passion of mine and I have been lucky enough to go on many trips this year. Mostly over short weekends and, let's face it, mostly for weddings. In 2015 alone I've gone to eight (should have been 9, darn stomach bug). And the list for 2016 weddings is beginning to grow as well! I'm especially excited about one next June in Jackson Hole. I've never been to that part of the country before, so if y'all have any tips or suggestions I'd happily take them!

Getting to the point, since I've done a lot of travelling (and so has my commissions and prints!) I thought I'd paint up some globes and letter some good adventure quotes on top of them. The way the giveaway worked was you had to follow me, then comment with a travel story and tag the friend who went with you.

I got my globes from Target and started with the first layer of paint, gold. I began with gold because you always start painting with the lighter color first! Art rule #1. I went in and painted the land on some globes, and the sea on others.

This part was tricky because, as you know, there are some very tiny islands in the world and unfortunately I had to make the decision whether or not to include them on these bitty globes. I chose efficiency over detail. I had to go back and do a second coat of gold just to make sure I covered everything up then I let them dry overnight.

From my  IG post .

From my IG post.

The following night I busted out my Utrecht black acrylic paint and painted the rest of the globes.

The next day I chose some short but sweet travel quotes and hand lettered them on the painted globes with my Faber-Castell Big Artist Pen. I had to go over the lettering a couple of times so make sure it came out solid enough, but I think they turned out well! I just wish there was a Faber-Castell Small Artist Pen...that would come in handy. I love the thickness, it makes the pen glide across the surface nicely - but these little globes were somewhat difficult to letter. I had to be very careful with my fingers as I went around! And then, of course, very awkwardly place them on their wooden stands and pray they wouldn't roll around everywhere.

"Adventure is out there" - this globe went to the winner, Kiki! Read her story here.

"To travel is to live" Now available now on my Etsy!

"Remember to explore" Now available now on my Etsy!

All three of them together! I have two more globes I need to finish, but I'll let y'all know when I put those on my Etsy. I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave a comment on more tutorial suggestions you'd like to see!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful,