Leslie Knope Cards

Along with most of the country, i am trying to hold myself together because one of my most quoted and beloved shows has ended. First, can we talk about that? I feel cheated. Yes, we did get two episodes a night this 'season', but it only lasted what feels like a month! That is not enough for me, I'm sorry. Guess they have to get the whole cast back together and shoot some more eps.











Secondly, let's chat about what happened. List forming...

  1. Typhoon + Craig 4EVR
  2. Garry made it to 100?! Also, Mayor Gergich for life. Literally. (I Chris'ed and didn't even mean to.)
  3. You can totally see April is preggo in Donna's flash forward.
  4. I wish I got to know Ben & Leslie's kids better.
  5. I bursted into tears when Chris & Anne showed up.
  6. RIP Jean Ralphio...hahaha.
  7. Who was President?! Ben or Leslie?! Or were they both at some point?! AHH.
  8. Ron's perfect job.
  9. Other than that, I was shocked I only cried once. Hell, for the HIMYM finale I started crying before I heard this live for the last time. They kept it light and I am thankful they gave us a peek at the rest of their lives after they left the P&R office. Thanks for the laughs. 
  10. I wonder what happened to these people: Bobby Newport, Jennifer Barclay, Shauna Malwae Tweep, Crazy Ira & The DOUUUUCHE, Orin, Joan Callamezzo, Dennis Feinstien. Please feel free to ponder with me and comment below.








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