Around the Clock Shower Invitation Design and Hand Lettered Envelopes

Hello & Happy Friday everyone! I thought I'd go back and show y'all the process of how I designed and lettered some bridal shower invitations you guys have probably seen on my Instagram. *time machine noise*

One of my good friends, Caroline, is getting married this summer and one of my fellow bridesmaids asked if I could help her with designing invitations for a bridal shower. Of course I said YES! Callie filled me in on the details and that the theme of the shower was 'around the clock'. Meaning, each person invited is assigned a time of day and their gift should match accordingly. For example, if you are assigned 8 o'clock you could bring a waffle maker for 8am or martini glasses for 8pm. I love this idea and I was so excited to get started!

Callie, my fellow bridesmaid, was such a joy to work with. She let me take the reigns and had complete faith in me. Always a good sign of a fun client. :)

I got to work thinking of what I knew about Caroline and her personality and paired it with the time of year: Spring! Now, Caroline's style is very low maintenance, muted and classic. No frills. Normally for her I would go with dark blacks and grays (like her Save the Dates and Invitations!) but since this was a springtime shower I went with a springtime color palette that complimented who Caroline is as a person. I know I wanted to use nature, but not succulents were automatically on my list. Succulents have a lovely muted mint green tone to them I sprung off of that. I actually learned that succulents can be a variety of different colors and that's when the dulled pinks and blues came into the mix.

As far as typefaces go, I knew it needed to be chic & simple. I ended up using Linotype Didot Headline, a classic thick-and-thin serif, with Gotham Book, a simple (but lovely) sans serif. 

Some of the examples Callie gave me had an actual clock face on the invitation to tell the guests what their time was. (I just had a moment in my head where the invitation would be snapping it's non-existent fingers at the guest 'telling them what time it was'.) Aaaanyways, I thought that was a really great idea to incorporate into the design. I got a really great watercolor succulent wreath package that I thought would make the perfect clock. I put the face inside and left off the hands which I would add in later once they were printed.

After I added the details, I sent a screenshot of what I had come up with so far to Callie. After a few minor changes, we had a final to print from! I found a beautiful blue A9 Paper Source envelope that would go perfectly with the colors in the succulents.

With the final design in hand,l I was off to my local print shop, Creative Approach. I probably go there every other day, y'all. They know me well over there, salud to those wonderful printers! Then I took one of my Tombow Dual Brush Pens that closest matched the light blue color and added the hands of the clock.

When the envelopes I ordered came in the mail I quickly began lettering the addresses. I chose a thin, whimsy script (that I just came up with on the top of my head) in a white gel pen. Little did I know that this envelope lettering style would actually be in my Etsy Shop! This style's name is Camellia and it might be my favorite...shhh don't tell the others. I love how they turned out and how they pair so nicely with the invite. I can't wait for the shower in May!

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you all enjoyed looking in to my process & have a wonderful day!