Couch + Mills Save the Date Design & Hand Lettered Envelopes

One of my best friends, sorority sisters and roommates from Birmingham-Southern is getting married in June! Once I got the call from Caroline that she  and Mark were engaged we immediately stated talking about how I was going to design her Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations. It was just a done deal. Lucky for me I already knew what Caroline's aesthetic was. Laid back, modern yet classic, simple and nothing too flashy or colorful.

Caroline and Mark are getting married near Jackson Hole in Victor, Idaho at a beautiful resort and spa. She actually sent over a photo of the mountain view from where there ceremony will take place! Once I digitally illustrated the mountains, I added in their information using a clean serif. I used grays and a green per her request, keeping it modest and simple. Here are two mountain options, one with multiple grays to differentiate the mountains and another with one solid light gray.

We ended up deciding on the one color to keep it as minimal as possible. Caroline also wanted to move the website to a details card to include with the Save the Date to direct people toward more information about their destination wedding. Caroline used Crink Press, a letterpress studio in Birmingham, to digitally print the final product.

Next, the envelopes! Caroline sent me these beautiful dark grey A2 ones that go perfectly with a white ink. After she sent me the guest list, I went to town! Caroline is so lovely and trusting that she just let me do my thing! I wanted to keep with the theme of the Save the Date designs and make the names more prominent with a simple, handwritten address.

*address has been edited*

*address has been edited*

Here they all are, finished! About 115 total.

Now I just finished sending Caroline the final designs for her Wedding Invitations and I can't wait to show you guys! They are going to be printed on a letterpress and I know they are gonna be ultra classy. Which calls for...CALLIGRAPHY on the envelopes! I am beyond excited. :) Make sure to stay tuned!

As always, if you have any inquiries on pricing for your wedding feel free to give me a shout.

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!