Campesi First Anniversary Photos

When I was five, my mom brought me to an art class because she had already begun to notice that I was super artsy. We got out of the car and this blonde girl who looked close to my age asked 'Want to see my room?' Who knew over 20 years later I'd be taking her and her husband's first year anniversary portraits? Yeah, me either.

I'll keep this post short on the chit-chat since pictures are worth a thousand words, right? We had some great weather on our side! Just went around my parent's back/front yard and played around. Of course, I couldn't help but do some lettering over photos (and a sign!).

Sorry, Mags. I had to put in some funny ones...

This one's a framer.

This one's a framer.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of this beautiful, hilarious & very real couple I am so thankful to call friends.

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!