Custom Watercolor Quotes

Earlier this month one of my lovely SCAD friends, Regan, texted me about how she wanted to commission two different watercolor paintings from me. Since I've been getting into watercolor lettering lately I jumped at the chance to do some for a friend!

Regan knew that right off the bat she wanted an 8x10" painting of a particular Eleanor Roosevelt quote to go on her desk at work.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you’ll be criticized anyway

After I cut the watercolor paper, I sketched out the quote with my Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil (in B, because I like a nice bold line).

I chose to paint this ER quote in some nice soothing blues and greens. Partly because I love these colors together and partly because I like zen colors for an office. Especially with a quote that needs to support you when you're stressed. *high five emoji* Also, it turns out that these are Regan's favorite colors! So, that doesn't hurt.

After it dried, I took my handy dandy Tombow Mono NP Eraser to get rid of all the pencil marks from my sketch. 'NP' stands for 'Non-PVC' but I think it also stands for 'no problem' because this eraser is my FAVORITE. It's because it somehow only sheds a minimal amount of eraser bits on your paper. They're really big and that makes them really easy to clean up after. So, I'm not sure how they're made, but I assume some sort of magic is involved.

Sing it with me *cLoSeUp ShOt*!

Here's the final product!

The next one is a biggie. Literally. The watercolor paper I have is 18x24" and Regan found a frame from Target that size so that nailed down the largeness of it. :) Once again, I grabbed my trusty Tombo Mono Drawing Pencil (in B) and sketched out "be you, bravely".

I'm doing the inverse of what I normally do here, which is painting the background instead of the letters. That meant painting #allthelayers. Here's what it looked like in the early stages.

For this painting I used a couple different things:

  1. Tombow Mono Drawing Pencil in B (for sketching)
  2. Tombow Mono NP Eraser (for erasing the sketch)
  3. Water Brush (for tight corners)
  4. Badger Hair Water Color Brush (for maximum coverage)
  5. Tombow Mono Sand Eraser (seen later...)

The layers and blending of different colors and how they DRY is by far my favorite thing about watercolor. The water marks, where it is darker at the edge, and the splatters were so much fun.

Watercolor may be fun, but it's also pesky. So, to get those lines super straight and precise, I used this Tombow Mono Sand Eraser. Y'all. this thing is a lifesaver. It it usually used for removing ink (yeah, INK!) but I found that it worked just as well removing unwanted watercolor marks. Since It's sand, it's basically just removing a layer of the paper, exposing the nice, new, lovely white. I'm obsessed. After erasing, I went back with the water brush and cleaned up the edges.

This is the final! I had so much fun with these two pieces & I can't wait to see how they look in Regan's home and work spaces!

As always, if you like anything you see feel free to contact me to get started on your project today!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful.