Hand Lettered Baby Signs

A couple of weeks ago I had a request from a friend who was towards the end of her pregnancy with her first baby boy! She wanted some custom-lettered-circular-mini-signs-for-each-month (for lack of a better description...) to take pictures with during the course of her son's first year. I had seen these sorts of things all over Facebook and Etsy and I was so excited I finally had an excuse to make some!

Andrea mentioned she wanted some circles about 6" in diameter in a light grey/white color. I had seen some during one of my (too many) trips to Blick so I headed there first!

Once I had the paper circles, I went to work on the lettering. Andrea said she was leaning more towards blues, teals, aquas, and greens. My huge collection of Tombow Dual Brush Pens had more than enough of those colors to choose from. I went with 7 different greens and blues - with light and dark values so I could mix them together.

To blend the pens together, you can use this Blending Palette or any other slick surface (wax paper, aw heck - even a plastic bag). You simply take a color and rub it on the surface of the palette to lay the pigment down, then take a different color and rub it onto the previous pen color. You get a really nice, subtle ombre that I love so much right now. 

After I lettered everything with the brush pens, I went back on top with a white gel pen and decorated the letters. I love this technique because it looks like the letters are shining! It's a really great, subtle detail that doesn't go too overboard.

Here's little Remy! Ugh! Too adorable for words. Look at his tongue! :) He was officially one month old last Saturday. I had a ball working with Andrea on this project and I can't wait to see how much he grows and changes in the next year!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful.