Christmas Greetings

Hello all! Sorry it has been a while since my last post but I have been super busy working on some fun and exciting things! One of which is my Etsy Shop!

I've had a bunch of commissions from some of the projects I have posted on here and questions on when and if I will be selling stuff online, so here it is! For future use, just click the 'SHOP' button in my top navigation.

I would also like to introduce my Christmas Greetings Collection. These are some of the phrases I chose (from a very long list of ideas) to hand letter and digitize for the holidays. I think my personal favorite is the 'Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal' one, but I am biased since I have the sweatshirt.

If you see something you like visit my Etsy! I have the prints, card sets and individual cards on sale as well as some stuff from my past posts.

As always, thanks for reading & stay beautiful!