Dr. Who Quote

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

So, a couple weeks ago I got an Etsy custom request from a college friend, Lauren. She asked for a hand lettered quote from Dr. Who, a show I do not watch (yet). I think I just saw the virtual wide-eyed stares and heard 'what?!'s from across the interwebs. Do not fear, Whovians, it is on my very long to watch list! I really like this quote and I think it is something people have probably thought before but never really said out loud. I also tried my hand at some styling/staging/production design and I really enjoyed the added physical image, so I will be making an effort to start including those as well. It's so much fun just going around my apartment and grabbing random Chotchkies. Y'all will probably see a bunch of gnomes because I have weird obsessions. It will probably turn into a game of I Spy.

Cutting the rambling, I think this is pretty self explanatory, but if you would like this print, it is up on my Etsy. Make sure to thank Lauren for it's existence! And, as always, give me a shout either on Etsy or through my contact page if you want something custom for yourself!

Thanks for reading & stay beautiful!